30 de julio de 2012

My Bucket List - Work in Progress

I have decided to put my bucket list together and I would love if you have more ideas you want to share. This is a preliminary list and it doesn't include all the places I still want to go and visit, but other stuff that I can probably do anywhere. Also, this doesn't include romantic/more personal things that I rather keep for myself ;-)

  • Learn to surf 
  • Scuba dive once in my life 
  • See whales
  • Jump out of a plain 
  • Bungy jump from 321m: George Colorado Bridge. 
  • Participate in an ATV race
  • Teach a kid to take pics and create a photo story 
  • Get a magnet in every city I go 
  • Drive an awesome and not affordable car 
  • Sleep one night in the ocean 
  • Become a copilot for a day 
  • See a bear in person (and safely) 
  • Delta fly 
  • Walk in a dessert 
  • Listen to scary stories in the middle of nowhere 
  • Go to NASA and see a rocket. If possible a launching 
  • Ride a hot air balloon 
  • Drive a police car with the sirene on 
  • Be the anchor of the news for a day 
  • Be on a runway for an important brand 
  • Host a big party 
  • Learn to snowboard 
  • Go to the Oscars 
  • Meet Ryan Gosling 
  • Write a book
  • See a sunset at midnight
  • See 'La Aurora Boreal'
  • Be at a Film Set with a known director
When you start thinking about it, you can't stop! 

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