22 de octubre de 2012


Es tan absurdo cómo el tiempo pasa por tu lado y ni lo percibes. O cómo lo observas sin notar movimiento. Necesitamos tiempo para adaptarnos, pero ¿Cuál es nuestra real capacidad de adaptación? la mía se disfraza a veces. Pareciera que ha consumido su entorno y se adaptado cual camaleón escondido de su depredador, pero luego se mira en el espejo y se da cuenta que no eligió los colores adecuados. El camaleón necesita un tiempo para pensar antes de iniciar su próxima movida, pero no sabe cuánto tiempo va a tomar y el depredador ya ha ubicado su posición. El tiempo pasó y no se dio cuenta, y ahora no sabe hacia dónde va. El tiempo y el Camaleón se han enemistado. El depredador está listo. ¿Quién se mueve primero?

2 de octubre de 2012

Living Together

I really dislike when people pretend that living together is nothing or that you should be "mature" enough so you know how to do it. Whoever thought that once married, the living together part was just pan comido, clearly never even tried to live with someone.

I'm writting this post because I'm 26 years old- and this is the second time I'm living with someone, as in a relationship. Some people think that I'm too young to know about this "adult" stuff and it irritates me when they say it out loud (If you know me a little, you can picture my face when someone says something I dislike.) and I'm also writing this for the newbies or my fellow friends who are thinking about moving with their better half.

If you are still questioning if jumping or not, I must tell you: DO IT! Living with someone else is a skill that you learn how to dominate with time and practice. It's not like you were living alone or with friends (worse case scenario with your parents) and then moved with the love of your life and you lived happily ever after, like in the movies. Well, hellooo, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

This is the real life. We are real people. We are selfish human beings that -do not even dare to deny it- we always put our self-care-self-interest-self-whatever- in front of the others (except children, from what I've heard). Yes, yes, bible, religion, bad advice and some ingenuous people say we shouldn't, but be honest with yourslef. I love my boyfriend, but in the moment he does somehting that harms my interests in life or myself, I won't stay. And that's how it should be.

We are a sensitive breed that cries everytime someone steps on our tail. So here is some advice, or things I've learned, or... you name it.

Si te gusta, comparte!